I have developed and designed a wide variety of apps ranging from social media, finance and accounting to medical applications – and currently Android OS, a platform that supports two billion users.

I like to build things that help improve the betterment of people’s lives and that starts by providing the best user experience possible.

Android Platform

AndroiD OS

On the Android User Experience team as a UX Engineer at Google. Creating experiences for 2 billion users and beyond.

Combining research, design and engineering to prototype experiences for your next version of Android.


Design & Developer advocate at GDG Toronto Android

To bring Android to the top of mind among other developers, designers and product managers throughout my career, I've held several Android Design Lunch and Learns to inspire and empower other developers and designers. You can view a tidbit of one of my talks where I speak about the differences between Up and Back on Android – and why it's important.

Some of my speaking gigs include hosting a talk at Toronto tech community: GDG Toronto Android.

Ecobee Login


Shared my learnings from previous work to push for a testable architecture to ensure all of our components never break through a Model-View-Presenter architecture as an Android Engineer.  I am also a design advocate ensuring design spec is communicated well and is translated during design to developer handoff.

Despite our mission to have our ecobee design language consistent across all of our platforms (Android, Web and iOS), I consistently challenge our designers to stay within Google Material Design so our product feels right at home.

ecobee is a smart wifi thermostat that can help save the environment by saving electricity, money on your utility bill, all while looking beautiful on your wall.

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Android Tech Lead for the new FreshBooks for Android. Laid out a plan to implement an architecture using Model-View-Presenter in combination with Mockito to validate behavioural events. Also played a dual role as an Interaction Designer participating in creative product discussions while providing a coherent platform experience using Google’s Material Design.

FreshBooks is an accounting software that makes running your small business easy by spending less time on accounting and more time doing the work you love.

The Globe and Mail News List


Developed The Globe and Mail Android atop of a shared codebase between tablet and phone applications to enable different article types, social network logins via Facebook and introduced a payment interface for this national newspaper.

AeroPlane Profile


Creator, developer and designer of AeroPlane for Twitter. The flight captain if you will. Check out the design process that made all of this all possible. 

AeroPlane is a Twitter client for Android that focuses on beautifully designed graphics, user experience and simplicity.