Hey there! My name is Marvin Bernal. I live in San Francisco designing and developing delightful experiences on the User Experience team at Google as a UX Engineer.

Before making my way to California, I grew up in Toronto for most of my life. Throughout my travels to different cities, each new place has made me appreciate Toronto even more and more. I appreciate its diversity of people, the many traditions and the stories we all bring. For that reason, celebrating people and identity is a huge part of me.

When I am not thinking about design, I love traveling, learning about different societies and in particular what drives and motivates them. People are always at the heart of everything I do because at the end of the day it's the only thing that truly matters. My motivation is to design things that help others and that has a positive impact on humanity.

During my free time, I like to explore different hot spots in San Francisco, whether that be a small jazz bar, scenic viewpoints to catch golden hour or finding the next best cocktail. I am also an avid movie-goer, an explorer, an EDM lover and a pianist.

If you’d like to contact me, follow me on Twitter, connect with me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email.



Core philosophies 🙏


I like to approach software with a developer experience mindset. Just as products strive to delight users through intuition and simplicity, I lead software teams with the same philosophy: valuing code readability, understandability and pragmatic design over premature optimizations and unnecessarily complicated code.

I develop software with the understanding of the cost of complex systems in the big picture. Less is more. I've worked with many developers who have always added more classes, more abstraction, and more code because it always seemed seemingly innocent when it's added. But I say, question everything: Do we need this? Is this necessary? Is this one more thing a developer has to juggle to understand the system? Add abstractions only when necessary. Do the simple thing first. Optimize when necessary, especially if it comes at the cost of simplicity.


My passion for design always comes down to my interest in balancing these two things: efficiency and our wellbeing.

Engineering biases aside, I always strive to make things better, to use less energy and time. When I see myself doing something more than once, my mindset shifts to: How can I do this faster? With less effort? What is the shortest path from A to B? And secondly, human psychology: we are complex beings with many motivations, desires and egos. As a designer, I want to create with that context in mind. No product is experienced in isolation. Our history and prior experiences always help shape how we experience a product: an unboxing, our day to day use, a product's values and even eventually how it is thrown away and retired.

At the same time, efficiency doesn’t always lead to better human experiences. Some things are better felt thoroughly and mindfully. Some designs warrant intentional friction. We are habitual creatures, fallible to indulging to immediate gratification even at the detriment of our physical, mental and social health.

Engineering in my life fits as a means to an end to great design. Code allows me marrying my technical expertise with my creative thirst of crafting great user experiences. 


Recommendations 😍

Below are some testimonies about my work, craft and my evaluation as a human being.

...What struck me most about working with Marvin was his passion and keen eye for the user experience (UX) of the app. More than almost any other developer I’ve worked with, Marvin would always prioritize the end-user experience when handling situations that presented multiple options for the way forward, even when the best way forward from a UX point of view meant more work for him as the developer!
— Justin Kirkley, Human Factors Specialist @ Healthcare Human Factors
I worked with Marvin over the course of half a year on a project for Freshbooks while at TWG. He was the technical lead on the project and played a crucial role in delivering a high quality product that was taken to market. His design-focused attitude allowed him to guide the client towards an experience that was an extension of their brand while also being native to the Android platform. Asides from a solid tech lead, he’s also a very thoughtful and genuine person, which made working with him a real treat.
— JP Moya, Product Manager @ TWG
I worked with Marvin on two Android projects, he quickly made a big impression on me. His detailed Android knowledge and keen design sense are top notch. I’ve seen Marvin grab the reins and lead a challenging mobile project, he filled the role like a natural. If I had the chance to work with Marvin again, I’d take it in a heartbeat.
— Alan Van Arden, Software Engineer @ TWG

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